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About Us

Kindred Hospital – San Diego is a 70-bed transitional care hospital offering the same in-depth care you would receive in a traditional hospital, but for an extended recovery period. We partner with your physician and offer 24-hour clinical care seven days a week so you can start your journey to wellness. For those who need special care, we offer an eight-bed ICU and two negative pressure rooms. We are located just outside of downtown San Diego, less than two miles north of the San Diego Zoo.

We Keep You And Your Family At The Heart Of What We Do!

Not only is our clinical approach patient-centered, but so is everything else about you and your loved one’s experience while you’re with us. At Kindred, we feel that we must provide a patient experience that is second to none.

We welcome your feedback so we can better meet your needs, so please reach out to any of our team members when you need us. Your voice is a critical part of our effort to provide the best experience possible.

Communication With Persons Having Language Barriers Or Sensory Impairments

Kindred Hospital provides or assists you and your loved ones in obtaining interpretation or translation services as necessary and addresses the need of those with vision, speech, hearing and cognitive impairments.

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